Algonquin Land Claim Update

In September of 2010 the Ontario Government issued an update on the Algonquin land claim.

"The negotiating teams for Canada, Ontario and the Algonquins of Ontario are meeting monthly with the goal of achieving an Agreement-in-Principle in 2011 -- the first step toward reaching a Final Agreement that will take the form of a modern-day treaty."

The update is an 8 page PDF (3.2 MB) available here on the APRA site, or, along with much more information on the Algonquin land claim, on the Ontario Government's Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs web site for the claim.

Brian Crane, Chief Negotiator for Ontario, give this introduction to the update newsletter:

"It is important that people with interests in this region are aware of the land claim and what we hope to achieve through a negotiated settlement.

This newsletter will provide you with information about the claim, the people involved in the negotiations, our shared goals, and how you can contact Ontario's representatives.

Our responsibility as members of the Ontario negotiation team is to be aware of the interests that may be affected by an Algonquin land claim settlement. We look forward to working with all interested parties to build a better future that will benefit the Algonquins and their neighbours throughout eastern Ontario."