About APRA

The Algonquin Park Residents Association (APRA) was founded in 1968. It's mission is to:

  • Encourage the establishment of a long-sighted and firm policy for the protection of animal life, the preservation of the natural beauty of the entire Park, and particularly the Algonquin heartland.
  • Actively support the provision and maintenance of recreational areas for the enjoyment of all persons without discrimination as to income, age, vitality and health.
  • Act united in all matters concerning the common rights and interests of leaseholders in Algonquin Park.

Day-to-day activities are managed by a small executive supported by the advice and guidance of an Advisory Council. Annual meetings are held each summer and are open to all members of the Association.

Current APRA Executive

  • Chris Pigott (Canoe Lake) – President
  • Lynn Cassidy (Cache Lake) – Vice-President
  • Rob Wright (Smoke Lake) – Treasurer
  • Sarah Matthews (Canoe Lake) – Secretary
  • Sue Kingsley (Cache Lake) – Past-President

You may contact any member of the executive by email using the address:
'title' + '@' + 'algonquinparkresidents.ca'

An email may be sent to all members of the executive at once using the address:
'executive' + '@' + 'algonquinparkresidents.ca'

Current APRA Advisory Council Members

Honorary Members

  • John Brook - Smoke Lake

Lake Association Presidents

  • Smoke Lake - Cindy Hayhurst
  • Canoe Lake & District - Clark Matthews
  • Cache Lake - Gord Waugh
  • Rock & Whitefish Lakes - David Howe
  • Northern Lakes - Lesley Doering

Other Members at Large

  • Smoke Lake - John Brook, Michael Davies
  • Canoe Lake - Greg Day, Jeff Ridpath, Roy Stewart
  • Cache Lake - Don Beauprie, Lela Shepley-Gamble
  • Source Lake - Brian Maltman