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Your support really counts! JOIN APRA as a new member, or RENEW your annual membership and help us work to achieve our goal of continuing our needed presence in Algonquin.

Membership is $30 per year.

As a reminder, membership is on an individual not a lease basis. We encourage at least one voting membership of $30 for each adult family group. We also encourage all leaseholders to invite friends and guests who have enjoyed visiting Algonquin leases to become members as well.

Make your Cottage Lease Extension Fund payment

You may also use this form to submit your Cottage Lease Extension Fund payment of $500. (For more information on this payment please contact any member of the APRA executive, or your lake association president.)

Make a contribution of any amount to APRA

Are you a family member or friend of a leaseholder and would like to make a contribution to APRA's efforts to have our leases extended beyond 2017? You can use the "Make a Contribution" PayPal button below to send APRA any amount you would like.

In any case... please provide your current contact information

So that we may update our records with your current contact information, please fill out and submit the information form at the bottom of this page (please provide an email address for ease of communication) and then make your payment either pay by PayPal using this button...

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Make a contribution of any amount...

...or send a cheque for the appropriate amount in either (CAD$ or USD$). The cheque should be made out to "Algonquin Park Residents' Association" and mailed to:

Rob Wright - APRA Treasurer
7 Brendan Rd
Toronto, Ontario M4G 2W9

(If you have a problem with the web form you can always just print this page, fill it out by hand, and mail it in with your cheque.)

Thank-you for your support!